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– 「Advance Client’s Value Through Talent Solutions.」

Professional Consulting Team

Every consultant of InAddition undergoes a comprehensive internal training program that lasts for six months, and regular training reviews are conducted annually.

Our Purpose and Values

We uphold the spirits of “passion, excellence, integrity, understanding, and innovation” as we continuously move forward.











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Recruitment Process and Talent Expectation Management

In this article, we will discuss the concept of "Manage Your Candidate," which HR professionals are often advised by their supervisors to do in order to prevent candidates from being snatched by competitors. However, what exactly should be managed and how should it be done?

Negotiation Skills for Salary Discussions

When communicating the job-related features to candidates, it is important to connect with them on different levels of communication. The higher the level of communication, the less likely the candidates are to be snatched by competitors based on factors such as salary, benefits, and other feature-level considerations.

Employment Service Related Legal Regulations and Compliance

Employment service related legal regulations and compliance sharing.

Resume Writing and Interview Skills

An remarkable resume and outstanding interview skills are key to a successful job search. They are the tools that set you apart from other candidates in a competitive job market.